Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and provide you with a little information about our company, our products, our staff and our mission.

Argo Fine Imports is a major independent importer of fine plywoods offering both future and spot market sales.

Don MacMaster, founder of AFI and past president of IHPA, has been supplying fine imported plywoods to distributors and laminators since 1979. Our selection of plywood products comes from the finest mills around the world, many of which have had a 20-year working relationship with us. We specialize in importing Lauan/Meranti, Hardboard, Virola, Sande, Teco certified Elliottis pine and also offer American Red Oak and Birch. We handle thicknesses from 2.7mm up to 28mm. Our product line offers specialty lengths of 70”, 80”, 81”, 90”, 99”, 100”, 102”; as well as the standard lengths of 7’, 8’, 9’, and 10’. With our Meranti plywood truckload orders, we are able to mix different sizes and lengths.

Our mission is to provide the finest plywood from around the world at a competitive price, to offer personalized customer-oriented value-added services from sale to delivery, and to make the process of plywood acquisition a turnkey operation. We will provide easy access to information on orders from placement to delivery. We will maintain the highest integrity standards in the industry.

Argo Fine Imports offers expertise and knowledge of the plywood market, that includes industry manufacturers, wholesale and chain retail yard distributors and home centers. Our combined staff has over 100+ years of experience in the industry.

Argo’s customers can expect a competitively priced product of exceptional quality, delivered to the destination of your choice, with personalized care and understanding of your plant’s needs. We realize that, in today’s environment, most companies are expecting more production from fewer employees. Argo offers a way to outsource the processes of purchasing plywood without incurring exorbitant additional expenses. We take pride in reducing the hassles and wasted time that are often associated with the purchasing, tracking and scheduling of deliveries of plywood.

In summary, Argo provides a means for you to contribute to the bottom line of your company. Our outstanding product quality can reduce the cost associated with downfall, and our service allows you to focus on the critical issues that can significantly impact your company’s bottom line.

Our staff looks forward to being of service to you.

Don MacMaster, President